Challenge 75

Three women were mistaken for abigails/maids: which books, who were they, and under what circumstances???

The Talisman Ring: The runners had by this time begun to pick themselves up. Mr Stubbs, cherishing his nose, seemed a little dazed, but Mr Peabody advanced heroically, and said: "I arrest you, Ludovic Lavenham, in the name of the Law, and it will go hard with them as seeks to interfere!"
Sir Tristram released Miss Thane's hands, which he had been holding in a sustaining manner, and replied: "You fool, this is not Ludovic Lavenham! This is a lady!"
Mr Stubbs said thickly: "It's the abigail. It ain't no female."
Devil's Cub: It did not seem as though an appeal to this scornful lady would be of avail. Miss Challoner said steadily: "I find you impertinent, my good woman. I am English, travelling to rejoin my friends in the neighbourhood, and although I am aware that the loss of my baggage must appear strange to you --"
"Vastly strange, mademoiselle, I assure you. The English are all mad, sans doute, but we have had many of them at the Rayon d'Or, and they are no so mad that they permit their ladies to journey alone on the diligence. Come, now, be off with you! There is no lodging for you here, I can tell you. Such a tale! If you are English, you will be some serving-maid, very likely dismissed for some fault. The Chat Griz will give you a bed.
Faros' Daughter: "Stillingfleet, you must know, changed horses at the Green Man at Barnet. When he pulled out from the yard, he was in time to obtain an excellent view of a post-chaise-and-four, which was passing up the street at that moment. Ah, heading north, you understand."
Mr Ravenscar was looking a little pale, and his mouth had hardened. "Go on!" he said harshly.
"He was much struck by the appearance of the lady in the chaise. He is not acquainted with Deb Grantham, but I could hardly mistake, from his admirable description of the lady's charms! She had a young woman beside her - her maid, one supposes - and there was a quantity of baggage strapped on behind the chaise."