Who am I?

Hi, Sally here. While I'm originally from Sydney, Australia, I've also lived in Chicago, Illinois (USA), San Diego and Los Angeles in California (USA), Calgary, Alberta (Canada), the South of England - true Heyer country.

Coming from a scientific background - I've a doctorate in astrophysics - I was not pre-disposed to romance novels and my early forays into the genre saw me dipping into some Mills and Boon and Sweet Dreams, but I couldn't help feeling that they were all the same story with a few pertinent pieces changed. However, my view changed dramatically when a friend introduced me to my first Heyer novel; Devil's Cub.

That started my soon-to-become obsession with Heyer. The novels are full of such humour and personality, the stories are each different with characters who grow throughout the novel. The historical detail shown by Heyer in her novels is astounding and when you read about the level of research that she performed, you can see why. Heyer spent so much time gathering detailed information about the historical periods in which she wrote, particularly the Regency period. She filled many notebooks with hand-written notes taken from the many books she read. Such a meticulous attention to detail that is then used in her novels commands respect.

Thanks to a good friend at University - another Heyer fan - I became one of the early, founding members of the Heyer Listserv and now have permanent access to the archives. My incipient obsession has settled down a bit over the years. Although I have a copy of nearly everything Heyer wrote and am still slowly progressing with a collection of 1st editions, I no longer spend all my time thinking about or reading Heyer(!) and keep this website going as a labour of love to other fans like myself.

Over the past 15 years the time I've had available to spend on this site has varied. I've endured the trials and tribulations of university, marriage, relocation and divorce but now very happy to say I'm revelling in the environment where I have love, acceptance (which is a must for a devout Heyer fan) and an enjoyable career all of which encourages me to spend time on my hobbies, Heyer now only being one of them.

I hope you enjoy this website and all the information that it offers you.

Thanks for visiting, Dr. Sally.

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