Quiz from Competition Jan 2005

PictureThe prize was the six books from the June 2004 Release from Arrow books; The Grand Sophy, Faro's Daughter, Black Sheep, Frederica, Venetia, Friday's Child. As the competition is now closed, then the answers to the questions are now available and you can do the quiz (expanded to 20 questions instead of 10) just for fun!

So have a go! All you need to do is to answer the random questions below - these are taken from the novels in this release.

Closed on 31 Jan 2005. There were 134 of 4474 entries which reached 100% - the two sets of books were won by Chris Bell and Diana Melzack. A set of postcards of the November release were won by Elizabeth Manson, Debi Klanfar, Sarah Atkinson, Louisa Pike and Mary Carter. Congratulations to everyone!
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